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5 Reasons Why You Should Invest in Travertine Pavers

Robustness and Endurance

Travertine pavers are renowned for their remarkable robustness, making them an excellent selection for San Antonio’s diverse weather. Capable of enduring harsh weather, resisting deterioration, and preserving their aesthetic appeal over time, they offer a cost-efficient option for both homes and businesses in San Antonio.

Image of Durability and Logevity of Travertine Pavers In San Antonio
Image of Aesthetic Appeal of Travertine Pavers In San Antonio

Visual Charm

The ageless and natural allure of travertine enhances any property’s appearance in San Antonio. Its distinct patterns and color spectrum harmonize with various architectural designs, bringing a touch of elegance and refinement to outdoor areas in San Antonio.

Resistance to Heat

In San Antonio’s warm, moist climate, travertine’s inherent coolness is especially beneficial. This quality makes travertine pavers a comfortable and sensible choice for outdoor settings such as patios, pool areas, and pathways in San Antonio.

Image of Heat Resistance of Travertine Pavers In San Antonio
Image of Eco Friendly Options For Travertine Pavers in San Antonio

Environmentally Friendly Choice

Being a natural stone, travertine is an eco-conscious option. For those in San Antonio mindful of their environmental footprint, travertine pavers merge ecological responsibility with stylishness.

Enhancement of Your Property Value

The installation of high-grade travertine pavers can greatly elevate a property’s worth in San Antonio. Their resilience, attractiveness, and timeless charm are highly valued by prospective buyers, offering property owners in San Antonio a profitable investment.

Image of Increase in Property Value With Use of Travertine Pavers In San Antonio

Our Residential Travertine Pavers For San Antonio

Tumbled Travertine Pavers

These travertine pavers are known for their textured, non-slip surface and rounded edges, which give them a natural, rustic look. The tumbled finish makes them ideal for outdoor areas like patios, walkways, and pool decks. Their earthy tones blend well with the natural landscape of San Antonio.

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Honed and Filled Travertine Pavers

Offering a smooth and refined surface, these travertine pavers are honed to create a flat finish and then filled to seal any natural pits or imperfections. They provide a more contemporary look, suitable for modern homes. The honed and filled finish is perfect for creating elegant outdoor living spaces.

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Chiseled Travertine Pavers

Characterized by their rough edges and textured surface, chiseled Travertine pavers add a touch of traditional charm. They are often used in settings where a Mediterranean or classic style is desired. These pavers are excellent for areas where aesthetic appeal is as important as functionality.

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French Pattern Travertine Pavers

This refers not to the finish but to the layout pattern. French pattern pavers use a mix of different sizes to create a unique and attractive design. This pattern is often used with various finishes of Travertine and is popular for its sophisticated and timeless appearance, suitable for large areas like driveways or expansive patios.

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Our Commercial Travertine Pavers For San Antonio

Brushed Travertine Pavers

These travertine pavers undergo a brushing process that gives them a worn, textured surface, which is less slippery when wet. This makes them a good choice for outdoor areas in San Antonio, where occasional rain can occur. The texture also adds a rustic charm, fitting well with local architectural styles.

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Polished Travertine Pavers

While more common in indoor settings due to their glossy finish, polished travertine can also be used outdoors in shaded or partially covered areas. They offer a sophisticated, high-end look but can be slippery when wet, so their placement should be considered carefully.

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Saw-Cut Travertine Pavers

These travertine pavers are cut with a saw and not treated further, resulting in a more natural and rough surface. This type of finish provides better grip underfoot, making it suitable for pool areas or other outdoor spaces where slip resistance is important.

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Antiqued Travertine Pavers

Also known as “distressed” travertine, these pavers undergo a process to give them an aged or weathered look. This style can complement traditional or historical architecture in San Antonio, offering a unique aesthetic that blends well with natural landscapes.

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Looking For Travertine Pavers In San Antonio? Why Choose Us

Local San Antonio Expertise

Our team, based in San Antonio, possesses deep local insights, understanding the specific climate and design trends of the area. This knowledge ensures we supply travertine pavers that are perfectly suited to San Antonio’s unique environment and architectural styles.

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Unmatched Premium Quality

Our dedication to excellence is unparalleled in San Antonio. We procure only the best travertine pavers, meeting strict standards of robustness and visual appeal, ideal for San Antonio’s varied landscapes and architectural designs.

Many Customization Options

Catering to the diverse preferences of San Antonio’s residents and builders, we offer an extensive selection of travertine pavers. Our collection features a variety of styles, textures, and sizes, all tailored to meet the specific requirements of San Antonio’s dynamic projects.

Image of Customization of Travertine Pavers in San Antonio

Competitive Pricing and Value

We take pride in delivering outstanding value in San Antonio. Our competitive prices for top-tier travertine pavers mean residents can enjoy premium products without straining their finances.

Superior Customer Service

Committed to serving the San Antonio community, we offer unparalleled customer service. From design consultation to post-sale support, we ensure a smooth experience for every customer in San Antonio.

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San Antonio Customers Love Our Travertine Pavers

Absolutely wonderful experience with Rick and his knowledgeable staff. Because of their knowledge and accessibility we were able to consult with them on some problems we were having with our contractor. That advice kept us from accepting an inferior product instead of the gorgeous travertine we have now! Thank you Rick and Lauren!

Mary Sullivan

Rick and his team do an amazing job and have the best customer service under the sun. They are always easy to contact and answer any questions that i had. A very quality product at an affordable price

Sean McLoad.

Rick was amazing! They helped me through the color selection process and got the product to me in no time, not to mention at a great price. Product is truly high quality, and so very happy with the results.

Heath Gilbert

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